Moving Around Somewhere

We took a leisurely walk on Sunday afternoon in the hot Malawian sun. Along the way we ran into a group of women. We chatted with the ladies in broken Chichewa-English, and sang local songs with them. The leader of the troupe asked us if were were going to the village or just “moving around somewhere.” Yes, we were moving around somewhere (taking a walk).

The beginning of this week has been full of “moving around somewhere.” We walk around the hospital unsure of what to expect. For a moment we might think we’ll have a laid back afternoon, and then a nurse says she has a patient that needs physiotherapy. On Monday we were helping a patient with proximal muscle weakness walk back to her room, and we were interrupted by a pediatric patient’s mother who wanted us to resize her AFOs. Carolyn rushed to the guesthouse to retrieve her blowdryer (which had yet to be used), while the rest of the team finished walking with the patient. It was a team effort to remold the AFOs. Kristen and Casey manned the blowdryer, while Carolyn and Elisa held the AFOs in place. We’ve been thankful to use so much knowledge from our schooling. From Cardiopulmonary to Prosthetics & Orthotics, from Neuromuscular PT to Musculoskeletal PT, no class nor bit of knowledge has been untouched. Just as we have become a team here in Malawi, uniting our skills and strengths, so we have integrated our knowledge, melding the knowledge together to help our patients and to grow as clinicians.

Last night we decided to “move around somewhere” to look for more souvenirs and enjoy the cool night air. Though we may be busy, or “energetic,” as our colleague Alex likes to say, we try to spend some moments enjoying the beauty of Malawi. We wanted to share a picture of an African sunset, so you can enjoy a gaze at our backyard in Malawi.

IMG_3320 IMG_3322 IMG_3327


3 thoughts on “Moving Around Somewhere

  1. I think you’ll remember that sunset for years to come, in the same way that the people you touch will remember the time when you came to help.

    • great work Elisa, makes us all proud, not every person who knows the versatility of a hair dryer. but even more importantly, it is so wonderful that you are using your new skills to make a difference in a place with so much need.
      Merry Christmas to all of you, it seems to have come early in Africa.

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