Comfort Food

Today we were treated to a traditional Malawian meal cooked by Comfort, one of the nurses at the hospital. She opened her home to us and showed us how she prepared the meal, allowing us to try various parts of the process. Shown below is Carolyn watching carefully as Comfort stirs the nsima, which is made from corn flour and water. There is a special way to mix the nsima which Comfort made look very simple, but after trying it, we realized that it was much more difficult than it looked. As we sat down to eat, Comfort poured water for each of us to wash our hands, as Malawian meals are typically eaten with hands rather than utensils. She taught us how to roll the nsima in our hand and how to use it to pick up the sides that accompanied it, such as beans, cabbage, and pumpkin leaf. It was all delicious and we were all left very satisfied. We are thankful that she welcomed us into her home and shared with us a piece of her Malawian culture.


DSCN1754 DSCN1759 IMG_3347


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