The Art of Sharing

During our time in Malawi, we have learned a little of their craft, the art of sharing. This giving and receiving relationship has been a theme throughout our stay. Yet, it seems that though we came with ideas and skills to share, we received far more from the people here. We were taught lessons in hospitality, joy, laughter, and greeting. It has been such a pleasure to learn from the Malawians. This week we have experienced both roles, giver and receiver. As a giver, we were able to provide a patient with shoes to protect her feet. Pictured below is our patient’s first walk in her new Nike Frees. Her face beamed as she shuffled to test them out on the hospital grounds. As a receiver, we were treated to afternoon tea at the nuns’ convent. The nuns shared with us their sodas, donuts, and tales of life in Malawi. We were overwhelmed by their hospitality and generosity, sharing their stories and their holiday treats. We know that as we return to the States, we will reflect on what Malawi has taught us and discover more how it has changed us. Tomorrow morning, Elisa and Kristen will return to their family and friends to share their experiences with you. We hope you will learn something from Malawi as they tell their stories.



2 thoughts on “The Art of Sharing

  1. We can’t wait to see you. But we’re so proud that you took the opportunity to share yourselves with people in another part of the world. You’ll leave a part of yourselves there with them, and bring a part of them back with you.

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