Tsalani bwino, tionana anzanga

Stay well and see you later my friend

Finals are over and we have landed in Malawi, Africa! After 20 hours of flight time and we are settling in at the Zitha house at St. Gabriel’s hospital. Its hot and humid but we are making dinner and playing cards with a cool breeze around us. We look forward to a restful sleep and time tomorrow to prep for our training session on Monday!


Flight leaving SF0, December 4th 2014.


Malawian Sunset from the porch of the Zitha House, Saturday Dec 6th 2014


Arrived in Namitete, Malawi. Dec 6th 2014


11 thoughts on “Tsalani bwino, tionana anzanga

      • Can you learn and make pizza when you come back ok???
        last9 Golden State looked impressive in a 112-102 win over Chicago to extend its winning streak to 12 games.
        currently Warriors is no 1 team in the NBA
        Love you very much!

    • Mei,
      how are you?
      Everything ok? food/sleep/activities/…other?
      tonight, the Dec 10, Warriors again have another win : beat Rockets 105-93 for 14th straight win
      got your email last week

  1. Hi Michael, So happy to hear that you arrived safely! Teach, listen, learn. You are a on an amazing adventure, creating memories that will last for a lifetime. Love you, mom

  2. Enjoy your time there and soak up as much as possible! It will change you in more ways than you can imagine. So happy and proud of you all. Will be keeping an eye on the blog.

  3. My heart leapt when I saw this post. It brings back so many memories of handshakes, fumbling over my words in Chichewa greetings, lots of pumpkin leaf rice dishes, and (of course) the beautiful Malawian people. Say hello to Alex, Suave and Comfort for me! Zikomo! Zikomo! Looking forward to more updates and have fun cooking while photos upload!

  4. Great to hear, so glad you all arrived safely – and hope all is going well. What a wonderful way to care for the world!

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