Muli Bwanji?

How are you?

Greetings in Malawi are a very important part of everyday life here in Namitete.  We have found that our knowledge of the Chichewa greetings have come in handy. A simple “Hello how are you?” or “Muli bwanji?” has brought many smiles to the people of Namitete as we walk through the village and around the hospital.


A walk to the village


Large mancala game in the local village


First soccer game


Namitete’s local furniture factory



Pizza dinner made on the stove w/ pumpkin leaves


Malawian donuts for dessert (For Dr. Mansoor)

Tsalani bwino (Stay well)


7 thoughts on “Muli Bwanji?

  1. Hi Michael

    It looks like you are having an amazing time and learning so much. Enjoy yourself u and yr friends deserve it

    Miss you

    Aunt Patti & Uncle John

  2. Hi Katherine,
    Did you bring a sun hat? Or sun screen, hope so! Looks like a good first scoping out of the town, good to get your bearings. I’m wondering how Pumpkin leaves taste? Curious about nutrient comparisons to things like spinach or kale. I’ll google it.

    Have a great first day at St. Gabriel Hospital – or by now when I am typing this, you are most likely at the end of your day. Hope it was great, and will watch for news!


  3. Hello Meiying,

    Love the photos of you guys! Please be sure to wear sun block, stay healthy and enjoy the life time experience . How was the soccer game? Did they beat you 🙂
    I am looking forward to seeing more photos!

    Love you sweetie!


  4. Katherine, You look like you are having fun and I know you are working and doing well. Enjoy and we will see you when you get back. Hopefully you & Byron will get up to see our new house, you grandma just got to see it but of course she does not remember ; Uncle Jim & Aunt Bene

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