Mwaswera bwanji?

How are you? (afternoon greeting)

As we become more comfortable with our new friends, the greetings become more informal.  Today we were introduced to Suave and Alex who work at St. Gabriel’s Hospital will be assisting us with our training.  Suave is a clinical officer (similar to a physicians assistant) who specializes in palliative care.  He has already scheduled us to treat patients this week!  Alex is our main point of contact who will be our translator throughout the training.  We are looking forward to getting started tomorrow!

DSC_0050       DSC_0052

St. Gabriel’s Hospital. December 8th, 2014


Katherine and Mei in front of the main entrance to St. Gabriel’s Hospital


Mike trying to take credit for Katherine’s hard work 🙂


Dr. Nesbit and Mei working hard on the posters.


Having fun in the village


Afternoon soccer game!

Zikomo. Tionana. (Thank you and see you later)


3 thoughts on “Mwaswera bwanji?

  1. Glad your all having a good time and good luck with the start of patients. btw dessel I totally want/need one of those wicked cool sunhats.

  2. Hello to tge UOP team,

    Just checking to see if there is new posting… Hope all is well with everyone!
    Special chao to my sweetie – Meiying!


    Linh ( Mei’s mom)

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