Alikanene Titamanga

“They talk, we run”

We have not forgotten about you!  It has taken us a few days to load pictures and login to the blog, but we are excited to be able to share our experiences with you thus far. We have concluded the 4 days of training with the community volunteers. On our first training day, they all sang “Alikanene Titamanga”, which tells a story about how people in the village can talk all they want about them, but they are all volunteers and they run; they run to help patients, and they run to tell the chief about all the sicknesses in the village. These inspiring volunteers all have jobs, but they have taken it upon themselves to serve as community health care volunteers to try to improve the lives of each ill patient in the village. We came here to teach, but we have learned more than we had expected.  We are ready to embark on our new journey to treat local patients for the remaining week.

Group activities with the volunteers.

Group activities with the volunteers.

Final day of training!

Final day of training!



3 thoughts on “Alikanene Titamanga

  1. Such good work and everyone looks happy with the progress. I noticed Katherine also was wearing native dress (sarong?)

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