Happy Monday! We began our week by treating patients in the hospital who may benefit from physical therapy. We have been working with patients in the hospital as well as at patient’s houses in the village.

The patient’s and caregivers have been very keen on following each specific step of what we are doing. A few days ago we evaluated a patient following a stroke and performed joint movements to assess tone and range of motion. The following morning we came back for a physio session and the patient’s caregiver wanted to show us what she has been doing to help her sister who had the stroke. Without being trained, she performed the exact joint movements we performed the day earlier during our evaluation. We were all impressed and smiled at her ability to mimic the movements even though we had only performed the movements for an evaluation and had yet to instruct the caregiver on exercises.

We are excited to see what tomorrow brings!

1 Photo 12-15 2_Photo 12-15


2 thoughts on “Odwala

  1. What a great experience for all of you! Exciting to think of your journey-where you’ve been and where this will lead you. Enjoy your last few days. Safe travels.

  2. Very proud of you all for making a difference!!! I can not wait to see more photos and hear more about the trip from Mei!


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