Tsalani Bwino Malawi!

Stay Well Malawi!

As our journey here in Malawi comes to a close, we reflect back on the many wonderful memories we have made here: our porch dogs Bobby and Timmy, our walks to the village for bread and vegetables, our afternoon soccer games with the locals, our hikes around Namitete, and of course our interactions with patients at St. Gabriel’s Hospital. The new friends we have made here and the impacts they have had on our lives will stick with us forever. Thanks to all of our friends and family who supported us throughout this experience and a special thanks to Dr. Nesbit without whom none of this would be possible. See you all soon!















2 thoughts on “Tsalani Bwino Malawi!

  1. Thank you for sharing – your experiences, yourselves, and your spirit! Malawi is extraordinary, and I am proud of you for extending yourselves for the opportunities to grow and impact the lives of others. You are right – this will be with you forever! Safe travels and have joyous holidays. cp

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