2015-12-19 12.20.42This is Casey Nesbit, Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education at the University of the Pacific. It’s been a privilege to be with Abby, CJ and Sarah here in Malawi. I’d like to thank them for their commitment to the people and their contributions to the rehabilitation team. I’m still here working at the hospital and everyone is still asking for the students!

When we gathered to reflect when the students finished their last day here, our discussion lead us to thoughts about the importance of education. We asked ourselves about the sustainability of what we do here. We felt that the focus on educating our patients, their families and the community health volunteers that support them in the village was one of the best ways to make our impact sustainable. Given the sense of community here, I would like to think that the knowledge about physical therapy that we have tried to provide to the people here will spread. A caregiver for a patient with a stroke in a village, for example, will likely reach out to others in her community with similar difficulties to provide assistance and share knowledge.

Many thanks to you, Abby –  for your thoughtful creativity, CJ –  for your energetic patient interactions, and Sarah – for your courage as you faced uncertainties.

I hope you have arrived home safely and have a wonderful holiday.

Dr. Nesbit


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