38 Hours Later


We finally arrived at our home for the next 2.5 weeks at 5pm on Saturday. After taking some time to unpack and set up mosquito nets over our beds we were ready to finally lay down and get some sleep! But not until we cooked our first dinner of vegetable soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. With our tummies full, we settled in for a wonderful and much needed night’s sleep.


Our mosquito net setup! (It’s harder to set up than it looks)



The front of our house

Our first full day in Malawi started by waking up to the sound of a rooster crowing outside our window! We were thankful to have the morning to relax and soak up our beautiful new surroundings before heading out to get a tour of the hospital and explore the village.


Getting a tour of the pediatric ward of the hospital.


About a half a mile away from the hospital complex is a small village called Namitondo. Namitondo is a very typical village in Malawi. It’s built with a skyline of single story brick buildings and straw roofed homes.


The road to Namitondo.


We walked in through the entrance of the town and were immediately greeted by the shouts of kids yelling “azungu!” aka “white person”. We walked through one of the main streets with everyone’s eyes glued at us and ours on them. We visited the baker, who happened to also be our driver from Lilongwe, and he showed us how he goes through the process of baking bread. We walked through a small flea market with straw thatched stalls and a few vegetables and sardine looking like fish on tables.


Walking through the vegetable stalls


Dr. Nesbit negotiated with one of the women at the stalls for a few tomatoes and this green leafy vegetable that mildly resembled kale. On the way back from the little flea market, Sam and Alycia bought a couple sweet breads from the kids: Malawian donuts! Not quite like American donuts, but you can’t go wrong with fried dough.

Another abundant food item that has been easily plentiful are mangos. Our driver from Lilongwe was able to negotiate with a local seller and we got a dozen right away. (Soon hopefully we will learn to negotiate for ourselves!) They have been juicy and amazing! Sam was able to try one for the first time and they sure didn’t disappoint.


With warm hearts,

Samantha, Alycia, Melody (S.A.M.)


3 thoughts on “38 Hours Later

  1. What a long journey. How exciting to be able to experience a life style so different from home. Can’t wait for your next post 🎄

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