Where are the others?


I’ve been asked this question by so many people over the past few days…the gatekeeper at the hospital, the hospital secretary, the hospital administrator, the coordinator for Home Based Care, the nurses and the patients. Alycia, Melody and Samantha, you are missed by the people here and by me!

I’m grateful for your sensitive, caring way. You embraced every experience and stepped out of your comfort zone to put others first. The people you met and the patients you cared for have touched your lives – just as you have touched theirs. I’ve been here for many years, and found this years’ patient cases to be some of the most challenging. We relied on each other for consultation, support and encouragement. As a team, we did our best.

By the end of your short time here, you were moving about the hospital, gathering “hallway” referrals, and responding to your patients. Each of you tackled physical therapy evaluations in Chichewa, reasoned through unconfirmed medical diagnoses, and made the best decisions with the information available. These are remarkable accomplishments.

I was very proud when the Matron spoke to you in front of the group of community health volunteers – telling you that you have showed respect for the Malawian people and joined in their culture. You have represented yourselves, the University of the Pacific and our profession well.

The gift of education about physical therapy that you have given to the community health volunteers, to the medical staff, to the Malawian physical therapist student who joined us for your last days, to your patients and to their caregivers will live on.

You are ready, now, to take on any global challenge.

All the best for 2017!

Zikomo kwambiri,

Dr. Nesbit


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